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Cracking the Channel Catfish Code

Image of Cracking the Channel Catfish Code


Catfish are the nation's fourth most targeted fish. Yet there has been very little new information about how to catch catfish that’s been published during the past decade.

“Cracking the Channel Catfish Code” introduces fresh, in-depth research about river current, water temperature and metabolism. It explores each of these factors and a few others before explaining how to tie all of the information together, season by season, to catch trophy channel catfish. We also introduce “lateral movement” and how to fish cats laterally as conditions change.

This book also explores who the 21st Century catfish angler is and how manufacturers and companies have started to cater to the growing number of anglers who love to battle these wonderful fish.

162 pages


"This weekend I read a really informative new catfishing book by Brad Durick called Cracking the Channel Catfish Code. Brad is one of the country's top cat guides, plying the waters of the Red River of the North with his clients. He's put together a book chock full of highly informative, scientifically based catfishing info anyone who enjoys chasing whiskerfish ought to have in their home library."

- Keith "Catfish" Sutton- Outdoor writer and author of the famous catfishing books Catching Catfish and Catfish- Beyond the Basics